cac Skopje

Spatial Practices of Exclusion and Inclusion in Skopje

Marina Ognen, Alessandro Armando
Marina, Ognen; Armando, Alessandro. 2016. “Spatial Practices of Exclusion and Inclusion in Skopje.” World Architecture/Shijie Jianzhu 2016 (8): 112-117
ISSN 1002-4832

This issue deals with the relation between exclusivity (hierarchical use of the urban space) and inclusivity (tactics of appropriation of the public space) in the capital of the Republic of Macedonia – Skopje. While in China “inclusivity” is a key-word mainly concerning the settle-down of communities in new urbanizations, the stratification of the urban fabric in Skopje shows new ways of discussing such phenomenon within a process of urban regeneration. Ognen Marina and Alessandro Armando devoted to “inclusive cities” – an international research in the last three years.