China Room is an interdisciplinary laboratory where scholars in the fields of architecture, urbanism, and geography study Chinese urbanization processes and urban transformation related to Global China.

China Room also fosters collaboration with institutions and universities to share knowledge and provide mutual understanding on urban and architectural practices.


China Room carries out research on urban and global China in collaboration with universities and institutions worldwide. The main subjects of investigation are the construction of new towns, the new relationships between urban and rural areas, and the deployment of new infrastructure.

China Room provides expertise in the fields of architecture and urban design. The laboratory collaborates with public institutions in consultancies and applied research. These activities are the opportunities to test theories, and to better understand specific issue through the development of projects.

Applied Research


China Room participates in education activities at Politecnico di Torino, Tsinghua University, and South China University of Technology. These includes double degree and PhD programs, as well as the master and doctoral classes. Furthermore, the laboratory promotes exhibitions and open activities to disseminate findings to the general public