Zhaoqing New Area: The saturation of the Pearl River Delta

Astrid Safina
In Territorio 2018, Vol. 85, pp. 45-50
Safina, A. (2018). Zhaoqing New Area: The saturation of the Pearl River Delta. Territorio, 85, pp. 45-50
This paper is part of the special issue: The Cities after Chinese New Towns edited by Michele Bonino, Francesca Governa and Angelo Sampieri
DOI: 10.3280/TR2018-085005

This article presents Zhaoqing New Area (115 square kilometres to be home to 600,000 people in 2030), located on the North-Western area of the Pearl River Delta, in a rural context, marginal to the great urbanisation process that invested the area in the 1990s. Only recently Zhaoqing has been included in the Development Plan of the Pearl River Delta (2008-2020). As part of this developmental policies, the city now is playing an important role in the rise of the Pearl River Delta Global City Region. The role of Zhaoqing New Area, now subject to the expansion of the regional infrastructures, is to be a wellbeing and ecological reserve within the region, a new town providing high quality of live to the inhabitants.