Regenerating the Alps: Mountains as a place to live

De Rossi, Antonio; Dini, Roberto.
De Rossi, Antonio; Dini, Roberto. 2015. “Regenerating the Alps: mountains as a place to live.” World Architecture/Shijie Jianzhu 2015 (8): 164-167
ISSN 1002-4832

Within the framework of the “Sustainablity in the Mountains” issue of World Architecture, we invited to contribute on the Alpine topic two scholars of the IAM – Istituto di Architettura Montana (Institute of Mountain Architecture), based at Politecnico di Torino, Italy. What clearly results from their interpretation is a manifold relationship with memory: since Alps are inhabitedfrom centuries, Alpine architecture traditionally embodies a number of values related to the historical context, the community life rooted in the territory, and traditional behaviors. This paperpresents an overview of contemporary Alpine architecture, updating to the present needs andideals the tradition of the Alps as a place to live.