Prosperous Lishui:
Four Operational Spaces

Leonardo Ramondetti
In Mauro Berta, Edoardo Bruno and Leonardo Ramondetti, 2023, Prosperous Lishui: A Project for Suburban China (pp. 36-99). Los Angeles: ORO Editions
Ramondetti, Leonardo, 2023. Prosperous Lishui: Four operational spaces. In Berta, Mauro, Edoardo Bruno and Leonardo Ramondetti, Prosperous Lishui: A Project for Suburban China (pp. 36-99) Los Angeles: ORO Editions.
ISBN 978-1-957183-36-7

The Prosperous Lishui project is constructed around a main hypothesis of repositioning the center of the entire metropolitan area of Lishui in the agricultural valley to the south of the established city. This extensive productive plain thus sets out to become the core of new urban settlement developed at its edges: along the principal mobility infrastructures that run around it, and against the slopes of the mountains that face it. On the basis of this choice, the project develops four themes through which to redefine programs, morphologies, and functions of the whole metropolitan system: 1. reinforcement of agricultural production in the valley and insertion of a series of new enhancements to give it a prevalently urban character; 2. reorganization of the mobility system; 3. definition of new settlement systems in close relation to orography; 4. development of new ecological infrastructures, starting with the system of water.