Daniele Ruffinoni e la Concessione Italiana:
Strategie, Modelli, Eredità di un Progettista a Tianjin, Cina.

Alberto Bologna and Michele Bonino
Bologna, Alberto, and Michele Bonino, eds. 2018. Daniele Ruffinoni e la Concessione italiana: Strategie, Modelli, Eredità di un Progettista a Tianjin, Cina. Genova: Sagep.
ISBN 978-8863735765

The area of the former Italian Concession in Tianjin, China, still keeps some of the buildings designed by the Turin engineer Daniele Ruffinoni between 1913 and 1915. Ruffinoni’s professional career in Tianjin, until now almost unexplored, provides an opportunity to reflect on an intellectual and technical exchange between Italy and China and on its current meaning, as we increasingly question the opportunities offered by the great Asian country. This book aims to investigate a little-known, but no less significant, event in Italian architecture in the last century and the current state of these places, following recent processes of transformation. What were the reasons and the historical context in which the design of the former Italian concession in Tianjin took place? Who was Ruffinoni and how did he develop his professional activity in China? What methodological tools should be used for the critical reading of this story? What are the project strategies followed in the recent transformation of the former Concession?