GDA_Chinese New Towns ieri e oggi, dall’ibrido storico al green

Chinese new towns: From historical hybrid to green developement

Maria Paola Repellino
Repellino, Maria Paola. 2017. “Chinese New Towns ieri e oggi, dall’ibrido storico al green.” Il Giornale dell’Architettura, October 20, 2017.
ISSN 2284-1369

“In the last twenty years China has been going through a massive urbanisation process that has generated an unprecedented building boom and ambitious plans for the construction of new districts and new cities. […] We try to observe these experiences through two points of view that mark with a certain importance the cultures of the project engaged in the realization of the contemporary Chinese urban dream: on the one hand, in the recall of some origin and tradition, not necessarily local; on the other hand, within the projection in a future as new as possible, although then often reduced to an imaginary eco, green, sustainable. These two themes are declined from the point of view of the involvement of foreign designers, often considered capable of interpreting them (at least until a few years ago).”