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The Story of a Section

International Release Tour



China Room – Department of Architecture and Design (DAD)

Host Institutions:

Manchester University

University of Salford

Universidad de Monterrey

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Fojab Arkitekter

Lund University


March – September 2023

The volume “The Story of a Section. Designing the Shougang Oxygen Factory” published in 2022 (ORO Editions) is going to be presented and discussed by the authors in several international institutions.

The text will be the basis for discussing with researchers, PHD and students in Architectural Schools around the world to question designers’ role captured along with their production, verifying possible recurrences and strategic trajectories that are possible to be anticipated.


February 6th. Manchester University (UK). Manchester Technology Centre (MARG). Time: 10:00 CET. Discussants: Alessandro Armando, Albena Yaneva.

February 16th. University of Salford (UK). Architecture Studio 1.24, SEE Building. Time 17:00 CET. Discussant: Alessandro Armando.

February 17th. Universidad de Monterrey (Mexico). Aula Crítica, Piso 5 – CRGS. Time: 11:30 GMT-6. Discussant: Michele Bonino

February 23rd. EPFL (Switzerland). Foyer SG. Time: 18:00 CET. Discussants: Alessandro Armando and Michele Bonino with Nicola Braghieri and Giulia Setti.

March 7th. Fojab Arkitekter (Sweden).

March 8th. Lund University (Sweden).

Yet to be announced: Kyoto, Berlin, Venice, Milan, Beijing.

See the poster at the link below: