Politecnico di Torino positions itself on the “New Silk Road”


JUNE 19, 2019

(English version from Poliflash edition, 18th June 2019)

After a phase of study and preliminary investigation in 2018, the China Center Polito is implementing the first actions “in the field” of the Special Belt and Road Project, promoted by Politecnico di Torino to position itself on the “New Silk Road” and seize the opportunities. After the mission in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) at the beginning of May, with meetings in the Belt and Road context on the sidelines of the tenth anniversary of Politecnico di Torino in Tashkent, between 12 and 15 July the China Center was involved in two important initiatives on the Belt and Road (BRI).

On June 12th the “China and the future of the Global Economy” forum was held in Shanghai: the third in a series of events in Washington and Rotterdam, was organized by AIG in collaboration with Chatham House London, Institute of International Economic Law of Georgiatown University of Washinghton, Clingendael Institute of Den Hage and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, where it took place. Ettore Bompard, professor at Polito and vice-director of the China Center, spoke in the panel “How can non-traditional security risks on the BIS be managed more effectively”, reporting on the analysis of the BIS energy security and presenting the methodology and the tools that the Polytechnic Energy Center is developing.

On June 15th, in Chengdu, the Rector Delegate for Relations with China Michele Bonino gave a keynote speech at the 13th International Association for China Planning Conference entitled “The New Silk Road in the Mirror”. In the discussion it emerged how the cities of the Eurasian area involved in the Chinese Initiative, many of which today take second place to the global scene despite having covered crucial roles in their thousand-year history, will be able to become strategic again for their ability to mediate the infrastructural aspects and ” Physics “of the Belt and Road with cultural and immaterial ones: the” Silk Road of knowledge “, so often called for its great potential for scientific-technological research.