Learning from places, as one of the tasks of Urban Design

Michele Bonino, Maria Paola Repellino, Pierre-Alain Croset
Bonino, Michele, Repellino, Maria Paola, and Pierre-Alain Croset. 2015. “Learning from places, as one of the tasks of Urban Design.” CHENGSHI SHEJI (Urban Design) 2: 44-53.
ISSN 2096-1235

The observation of a particular place within the gigantic scale of the Chinese city, Beijing in this case, offers a set of opportunities that are hard to imagine before approaching it. The study of the No.2 Cotton Textile Factory in Chaoyang District, and its comparison with some western cases, shows how important is to document its specific values, such as memory or sense of community, and “return” them to the wider scale. Definitely, this seems to be one of the tasks of urban design: not only a matter of design but a device to observe, understand, examine in depth, hence humanize the city, while planning it.