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Eyes of the City paper series for Archdaily


MARCH 23, 2020

Valeria Federighi, Camilla Forina, Michele Bonino, Edoardo Bruno, Monica Naso together with Carlo Ratti Associati within the curatorial activities of Shenzhen Biennale 2019


March-June 2020

Together with Carlo Ratti Associati, we are curating a rubric of essays on Archdaily that look at the Eyes of the City as emerging urban category from a variety of perspectives. These essays were produced in response to the call for papers for the “Eyes of the City” exhibition that we curated at the 2019 UABB (Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture) in Shenzhen. In the course of the next few weeks, Archdaily will publish all of them, once a week, to keep the debate open on the issues raised by the exhibition.