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Cina: l’epoca della città – vicino/lontano Festival

Premio Terzani

SEPTEMBER 26, 2020


Michele Bonino (Politecnico di Torino – DAD) Paolo Bon (President of the Association of Architects – Udine)


26 September 2020

On 26 September 2020 Michele Bonino together with Paolo Bon, President of the Architects’ Association of Udine, discussed within the “vicino/lontano Festival” the fast and disruptive process of Chinese urbanization. In 1978, in China, only 18% of the population lived in cities, today over 60%. New infrastructures and settlements have “eaten” rural spaces and villages, modified the landscape, transformed property rights and administrative borders. An epochal change that redefines roles and relationships, not only from a geopolitical point of view but also from a cultural, imagination and possibility point of view. Chinese new towns can be told through railway stations, central business districts, residential compounds, designer architectures by the most famous architects in the world, but also through the temporary homes of the workers: objects and fragments of an anthropological revolution, which actually speak to us of the multiplicity and contamination that have always characterized the city.