Yuan-er, a courtyard-ology: from the mega to the micro


23rd May – 29th November

Venice Biennale


Edition 2020


Arsenale of Venice, Venice, (Italy)

Curator of the 2020 Chinese Pavillion Prof. Zhang Li has invited China Room to be part of the exhibition of “Yuan-er, a courtyard-ology: from the mega to the micro” for the 17th Edition of Venice Biennale 2020. Titled “how will we live together?” and curated by Hashim Sarkis, Venice Architecture Biennale will explore the consequences of global challenges on habitat, placing architecture and its communities at the centre of this debate.
China Room will participate together with the most renowned figures of contemporary Chinese architecture, opening up a discussion on how architecture can enhance human-spatial encounters, starting from a deep reflection on courtyards morphologies as shared grounds.
2020 Venice Architecture Biennale will open on 23rd May and will last until 29th November.

Chinese National Participation
“Yuan-er, a courtyard-ology: from the mega to the micro”
Commissioner: China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd.; Curator: Zhang Li; Exhibitors: Zhu Zheqin (Dadawa), He WanyuCui Kai, Chang Qing, Zhuang Weimin, Liu Jiakun, Zhu Pei, Citic General Institute Of Architectural Design And Research Co., Ltd, Dong Gong, Gui Xuewen, Li Cundong, Li Xinggang, Liu Heng, Liu Yulong, Lyu Pinjing, Qi Bin, Ren Fei, Shan Jun, Song Yehao, Song Zhaoqing, Sun Yimin, Wang Hui/Liu Xiaodu/Meng Yan, Zhang Jie, Zhang Pengju, Zhang Tong, Zhang Xin, Zhang Yue, Zhao Yang, Zhao Yuanchao, Zhu Yufan, Gisela Loehlein &
Xjtlu, Michele Bonino & Polito
Venue: Arsenale