Jinan Wetlands Museum

Ten islands artificially realized in the New Town of Jinan West, ten Chinese and international architects invited to design equipments for leisure.

Subhash Mukerjee and Michele Bonino were asked in 2015 to realize a restaurant/tea house in a wild, very recent landscape. Our design deploys the relationship between man and nature in the most literal way: the island’s soil is just covered with a roof, without even changing its topography. The roof “pushes” the visitor towards the intact topography under it, while the man-made pond on the top puts the visitor in direct relation to water, to the sky, to the trees, to the surrounding landscape. The horizontal surface of the water is on the same level as the surface of the big reservoir nearby, the calm but huge origin of the whole park.

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Designers: Subhash Mukerjee, Michele Bonino

Collaborators: Francesco Strocchio, Davide Vero

Partner for engineering: FRED s.r.l., AI Engineering s.r.l.

Consultants: PlaC, Jiang Lei

Location: Jinan Sand Silted Wetlands, China

Period: 2015

Client: Jinan West City Group

Status: Detailed design