Silvia Lanteri


Architect and Phd Candidate at Politecnico di Torino, she graduated with the thesis ‘Through a Beijing fragment. The danwei of Textile Factory’ awarded by EAM Best Diploma Projects and 2017 Biennale dello Spazio Pubblico.
Her current research – ‘Eventful Hutong’ – deals with incremental processes of urban regeneration inside Beijing inner city, with a focus on the design week temporary event’s role in shaping physical spaces and narratives. She spent several periods at Tsinghua University.
She is teaching assistant at both PoliMi and PoliTo, organizing workshops and seminars around the theme of fragile territories.
With the team MakingRoom(s) she was runner-up for Europan14.
Her drawings are published in magazines such as World Architecture, China City Planning Review, Urban Design, Territorio.


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