Matteo Migliaccio


Matteo Migliaccio is a PhD candidate in “Architecture. History and Design” at Politecnico di Torino in which it investigates the influence of infrastructure development related to Chinese settlements in rural provinces. He studies architectural and urban penhomena in contemporary China after a master degree in “Architecture Construction and City” at the Politecnico di Torino. In 2019 he was visiting PhD researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Mitor project of China Room. He collaborated on various research and design activities with the DIST and DAD departments, focussing on mapping, data visualization, architectural and urban representation.


Il secolo dell’alta velocità cinese / CAROTA, FRANCESCO; MIGLIACCIO, MATTEO. – In: IL GIORNALE DELL’ARCHITETTURA. – ISSN 2284-1369. – ELETTRONICO. – (2020).

F, Carota., V, Federighi., M, Migliaccio., “The rearticulation of urban processes within China’s HSR small cities: empirical observations through data-informed diachronic maps”, Planum (2019)